Bride and Groom package

Bride and groom package - by RoyAnne Camillia Couture Manila based bridal and debut gown fashion designer

Bride and Groom package

A “Bride and Groom package” is something we enjoy very much! We always feel serving both future husband and wife is something truly special and it is something that works for a lot of couples! Availing our service for the bride and groom package assures you that every detail, color, and overall look would be done in relation to each others attire.

One important thing we include in this service is discreetness, even if both of you would be having your attires done under the same roof doesn’t mean the surprise is out the window. We ensure that neither Bride nor Groom gets to see each others attire until that very special day. We do not wish to be the one that spoils the excitement so we have separate fitting areas as well for this 🙂

To receive our basic packages, please drop us a message using the form below. please note that the pricing you will receive are our baseline packages, we are always open to custom tailor and tweak the packages specifically for you, so whatever you need just let us know.

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