Bridal Gown Package

It’s that day when two people embark on a single journey together, forging a strong bond and writing a new chapter in each others lives.

We’d be honored to be part of that day with you and be your choice as your Bridal gown designer. At RoyAnne Camillia Couture we strive hard to make each Bridal piece as elegant and as unforgettable as the bride herself. As this is a start of a journey we will invite you to be at the helm of the production along side with RoyAnne Camillia, we will be working closely with you with the design to assure that the piece we create meets the design expectation for your dream wedding day.

If you would like to receive details about our Bridal gown packages or would like to set an appointment feel free to Contact us.  And in case your groom would need a tailor as well, we also offer a Bride and Groom package that you can avail of.

RoyAnne Camillia Couture is a Manila based Bridal fashion designer, that offers a wide range of services suitable for any occasion. Our services includes Couture pieces as well as Designer rental pieces, from debuts to bridal gowns, and clothing to accessories. We invite you to visit our About page to learn more about RoyAnne Camillia Couture and it’s services, Contact us for inquiries or to set an appointment. 


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